Reign: The Most Feminist TV Show Out There

There’s a difference between a feminist TV show, a TV show/movie that encourporates these aspects.  And then there’s Reign.  A show broadcasted with CWTV, a drama show from a company that has a large audience with people who watch scyfy dramas.  Obviuosly, I don’t watch every show and compare them, but out of every show I’ve ever seen Reign is the most inspiring.

The show may only be starting to bring up and show the problems involved with women during this time.  I’m seeing their strength, and I hope it continues as I expect it will.


Mary & Francis : Francis cheats on Mary “while they’re apart,” and he has a baby with another girl.  Francis does terrible things and pushes Mary away.  Perhaps with due reason, but in reality it is because he does not trust her.  Mary in the end is hurt, and no longer trusts or loves Francis.  Francis decides that she may no longer do as she wishes, and Mary’s mother insists that she needs to have a child with Francis as soon as possible in order to maintain her throne.  In response Mary decides that she will not allow other people to control her life, and she will do as she pleases.  With a strategic plan of her own rather than just tossing everything aside. Very impowering.

Greer & Aloysius Castleroy : Castleroy accidentally funds an assasination attempt, they remain quiet and are banished from the castle.  There’s no sign of Castleroy in the show, but we may see Greer becomming a pimp.  Going to have to see what happens.

Kenna, Antoine, & Sebastian : Sebastion has a duty to the kind and the country where he goes around saving people.  Yay for the people, but he keeps on leaving Kenna alone, and expecting her to wait for him.  Kenna has just been given an opportunity to leave Sebastian to become a Queen.  I do hope, regardless of whether Antoine is doing this purposefully or not, that Kenna leaves Sebastian.  Sit around and wait for me, do nothing while I’m gone, my priorities should be yours.  As long as Kenna doesn’t ask forgiveness from Sebastian when Antoine’s plan unfolds.  I’ll be happy.

Lola.  The only one who has had a child with the king.  Who is expected to sit around as the prince’s mother and do nothing else.  Who has Narcisse there waiting to give her strength.  She should take it.  I really do like Narcisse, although his morals could do with a little touching up when it comes to religious tolerance.

Claude.  I’ll do as I please, you’re not allowed to get rid of me for being alive like some unwanted vegetable.  This may make her appear like a brat, but she’s immediately forgiven by me for anything considering that not a single soul deserves her affection.  If they did they could earn it.  (Poor Kenna though, she was the closest one to being able to form a bond, but theirs would be the hardest to make concerning the circumstances..)


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