Update 3/7/15

I joined two gyms: 24hr/fitness & a bouldering gym.  I replaced those with the hour/two I would spend each night playing video games.  It feels like a good switch, although video games are less exhausting.

I know I dream in actual pictures and colors.  I can recognize faces, ect.  The pictures still fade quickly after I wake, but progress is being made.  They’re slower considering that my lucid dreams have not been ending well.

A girl has actually put up with me for an entire month.  Or at least I think she has.  I have not realized how untrusting, and paranoid my personality can be.  Not to mention…. I’m pretty much waiting for everything to fall apart so life can go back to normal.  As normal as life can be without the escape of video games.

Every week something huge changes.  Something big is going to happen soon.

I’m eating & I have the entire day tomorrow planned to write some stories.  Guess we’ll see what happens.


4 thoughts on “Update 3/7/15

  1. There is so much being said in this short text and I can relate with so much of it. As I grow older I feel that I am becoming complacent and not looking for those big changes. Life should be lived in constant strife for something greater. Moments of satisfaction are fleeting as a loftier goal appears in our minds. To quote nietzsche “there must still be chaos in our hears if we wish to give birth to a dancing star”.


  2. I know right! You’d think that while getting older things would get more comfortable/complacent or something along those lines. Nowadays I don’t think I could be comfortable without constant … Strife may be a really good word here.

    Maybe in a few years. Everyone keeps saying I’m the baby so. Hah! I’m older than I used to be.


    • It’s stressful to hold on to grand believes of self overcoming but I feel it is very important to maintain this sense in order to stimulate growth until one day when you are sick of fighting you might say I am happy where I am at.


      • The need to fight is what drives the fighting. One can be comfortable, and still work towards your goals and self improvement. Many times this calmer approach will allow you to go farther. It’s important to not give up.


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