Dreaming While Drunk

I was invited to a weekend adventure at coworker’s cabin on the coast.  During this trip, per social norms, drinking was involved.  And per usual when I know I will have somewhere where I feel safe to sleep I drink a bit more than I should.  I even had the agonizing hour of alcohol poisoning pain that makes me consider never drinking another day in my life.  (Which I am aware of is specific to me considering the first time I experienced this I did not pass .00% on the breathalizer.)

But that’s not what this story is about.  This story is about how alcohol intensifies dreams.  I for the first time not only remember that I had a 3D “life-like” dream, but one that I can still remember the images of.

It was real.  When my cat Feanor started talking I was confused because this couldn’t be a dream.  Feanor got a little angry at me when the dream became lucid.  His eyes started twitching and his eyes went all loopy like the mad cat in Alice in Wonderland.  And then I was surprised that I had fallen asleep which prompted me to wake up.

For the most part I began my experiments while drinking a glass right before bed so having alcohol intensity dreams is not new to me.  However, I also find that for the most part lucid dreams do not last as long.

And for anyone that was hoping for a longer story than that!  I had other dreams too.  They’re just gone. #Catattack


4 thoughts on “Dreaming While Drunk

    • Lucid dreaming is when you know you are asleep. Typically this causes people to wake up, but if you remain asleep you can either go with the flow or influence the dream. Having the conscious state of mind is what makes the dream lucid.

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      • Ah! My father, sister, and brother all have that gift. Yet, they struggle with dream interpretation. I focus more on dream interpretation, but have yet to experience lucid dreaming. I’d like to.

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  1. What I do, Wendi, is right before falling asleep (5-10minutes) I decide that I want to lucid dream tonight. That I want to recognize something in my dream that will trigger my conscious mind and allow me to lucid dream. I also relax and prepare for the event of lucidicy so that when it happens I don’t immediately wake up.

    It’s a bit of a soft double edged sword. Without this ritual I wake up very quickly after lucidicy, but I can’t give you an instance where I thought about wanting to lucid dream and then not having done so. I tend to keep projects that keep me busy until right before I need to fall asleep, and so I only came accross this “ooh it’ll be fun to lucid dream tonight” as often as you’d think.

    And sadly since this is all it takes for me to lucid dream it is hard for me to give advice besides time and practice. I don’t want you to get the misconception that one day I just started to lucid dream however I please. My dreams are likely still more black and white images than yours. I did see results in 3-4 days. The five minutes after you wake up are more meaningful to gain control over future dreams than any other part of the day. I think the biggest part for me is waking up with the “oh my gosh, that was such a fun dream.” And dreams don’t have to be lucid to be fun. (If you’ve read my other dream journal posts you’ll see my lucid dreams tend to end rather badly actually.)


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