The Unexpected Costs of Cheaper Foods

I was shopping as I normally do at a store called Winco.  It is a large competitor for Walmart, and you don’t normally find them in the same area.

They are open 24/7 which is why I was there (at 2am after work). I have a fond spot for chicken strips, and I do pay a premium once in a while for a fancier brand.

Unfortunately, if you pay attention to how Winco restoks foods, you will find te frozen foods sitting outside of the freezers every night for an unknown amount of time.  I don’t see people actually opening and placing the frozen food into freezers, I only see them moving boxes around.  I also notice a lot of frost on the food.  I guess I was just in denial when I bought it anyway.

Now, feel free to argue that if you cook the food really well that you don’t need to worry about food poisoning.  You are wrong.  As many species of bacteria reproduce ten also produce toxins that when ingested will make you feel ill and throw up.  Thankfully your entire day isn’t ruined because once the toxin has passed through your system you can go on with you day.  So yes, after throwing up all morning I still went in to work feeling perfectly fine.

I went in again the next day and their fresher meat smelled like rotten fish.

You can buy the same brand foods at different stores and experience different levels of quality based on the store and how they treat their food.  You’ve been warned.


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