Hot/Cold Relationships

Do I want her to be my girlfriend or do I want nothing to do with her?

Is she interested in me, or am I someone who is here to entertain her when she is bored?

Would she stay in the area for me? Would I stay in the area (and turn down a job) for her?

Could I, Do I want to spend the near future with her?  Do I think she is a waste of time?

Do I want to know her last name, Do I want to meet her family, her friends, where she works?

Or do I want the mystery?

Do I trust her?


Do I stay with her for the times when she is my world?  Do I just use the idea of what I want her to be to add to my fake personality, my fake character.

I know what I wanted when we first started.  It’s still the same.  I have yet to let her in on the secret.


11 thoughts on “Hot/Cold Relationships

    • That I want more than what we have. That I can’t date her for much longer if she doesn’t open up. That I feel like she has too many secrets and I can’t come up with any good reasons why she needs them.

      She’s a rather private person, and as you can see from my blog my life is open to just about anyone.

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      • oh I see! Too many secrets make me apprehensive as well. How long have you been dating her? Or do you have other entries about her that I can read? I’m new to your blog 🙂

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  1. Awwh, thanks for reading 🙂

    I haven’t blogged about her much because she’s scarily private, and so I hold back on sharing details about her. And even though I don’t not blog about her because she reads it, but she has. (Which I find sweet).

    She just got back from a two week vacation, we’ve been on four dates over six weeks. That makes it eight weeks total?


    • Unfortunately I’m not in the mood to prove to her that I’m worth her time. I’m not interested in that bs. I think she ha a different expectation of me, and I her, and that’s what the first few days are about: to see if you are compatible. Maybe we are not.


  2. Without trust there really isn’t a foundation for a future, whether it be the near future of sharing secrets that let someone into our hearts, or the longer term relationship that could result from that. There’s something there (or not there) that keeps her from opening up. The question is, do you want to find out what that is? Relationships are tough!


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