Dream Journal: Nah it’s ok.

No, fun dream first.

I’m in a fight, but my side is losing. It’s a historical *game* with a pre-decided date so I shouldn’t be able to change anything, but I am going to try anyway. 

I run and try to hide behind the rocks.  I am especially careful during the time period where I am supposed to be caught, and I am not!

Cue a short break in the game/video where I am sitting in a receptionist room waiting on something… And the nurse mentions something about the movie being different than the last time she’s seen it.

But the movie is real, and I’m actually in it.  I race down to the beach where I end up being seen, but I rub a rock which freezes my would be captor, and he falls to the ground.

A short distance away I start to gather up all the different magical rocks.  As if I’m caught in a game- I don’t know which powers each rock has, but since they have Amber-like objects inside I should be able to figure it out.

I can only hold so many things… But the rocks turn to life as conscious fish who are friendly allies in water, so I head to the sea with all the Amber rocks and the newfound bag with all my childhood stuffed animals that are ready to come alive as full sized creatures at my command.

There is a large rock I had to leave behind that would help me the most if I could bring it to the sea, but that is rather silly to have the defenses requiring risk to use.  And now I get the power without needing the risk.

As I reach the water the water creatures come alive, but the Amber stones are eggs that need to incubate so I gather them up in a watery nest.

In the water I am given a choice- to live on the earth for eternity, or to live in the sea.  I chose the sea.  Not because I don’t prefer the land, but I don’t want to fall into water and not exist.

As I start to wake I kick into a bit of lucid dreaming to keep the dream going.  My jaw was not in a good place, and I did wake with a headache which only lasted until I fell back asleep.


I am going on a trip and I am driving.  I am not always driving my caffeine inside it, but instead as as a remote controlled car.  At one point I am even biking alongside the car.  For the most part it is numbing, and not much thought occurs.

Until I can’t keep up with the car after it goes up a hill.  I put the right turn blinker on and try to pull over, but I know it is already too late.

Both my bike and the car have the same accellorator.  I get up the hill and look for the car which I cannot find.  It appears that I passed out because I wake up in a bush.

As I wake up a car honks at me, and two coworkers (ex-now) get out.

C asks like she would how going to jail was.  (For the car crash that I never saw happen).

“I didn’t go to jail, I don’t know what’s going on just yet.”

“Don’t worry, we’lol help you.”

“It’s fine.” I answer as we get into the car.

Back out of the car. “You aren’t conscious of what’s going on are you?”

It’s a shame that I never did have that conversation with my newer coworkers.  The one where I tell them how I became a sociopath.  A term I am well aware I use with a differing definition.  Psychopath that hasn’t killed anyone.  That the me who is not bonded together fake/created thoughts and feelings died.

I answer giving here he vague response that turns her off.  “I am not conscious, but not because of the crash.  Because I feel as though I don’t exist.”


My dreams are likely so scattered in ideas and thoughts for two reasons.  As I create stories I change what happens too readily.  I am focused on perfection and do not allow a flow.

I was going to write something about C, but seeing as friendships in general do not make much sense to me I will pass on that for now.


Anti-Vaxx: Aluminum & The Blood Brain Barrier

This post may be a letdown, and the information doesn’t argue for either side.  Therefore, no tags for now.

The proposed method of actioin concerning Aluminum and brain damage is quite simple;

Aluminum passed through the blood brain barrier utilizing metal/ion transfer proteins.  Once inside the brain aluminum acts as an agent to produce damage in susceptible individuals utilizing the Amyloid Cascade Hypotheses.

The scientific data surrounding aluminum isn’t as highly developed as mercury is.  (It is recently used to replace mercury after all).

Similar to that of Mercury, Aluminum is not figured to damage indiferently, but rather only those with certain factors.  Which can’t be tested in the same way mercury associated factors can be.

Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety

  • Post-mortem examinations of humans with Alzheimer’s disease show that there are high concentrations of aluminum in the brain.
  • However, aluminum normally is not found in healthy brain tissue and researchers do not know how the metal gets into the brain.
  • Some researchers compared the aluminum concentration on brains of subjects affected by Alzheimer’s disease and age-matched controls. They found no differences between the two groups, suggesting that elevated aluminum concentration may be associated with age.

Aluminum IN VACCINE INJECTIONS have been connected to the Gulf War Syndrome in adults.  Adults are already developed where babbies and children are not, so wouldn’t the risks be higher for children?

  • Although concerning a war where the enemy was considering biowarfare, and with the vaccine not *linked,* it is possible the aluminum is not the cause.

Anti-Vaxx: Decline the HepB Vaccine

Although doctors are going to suggest newborns getting the HepB (Hepatitis B) vaccine, I’ll say I disagree.  And you can determine for yourself if your child needs the vaccine before birth.

HepB is transfered:

  • Sexual contact
  • Blood transfusions
  • Contaiminated needles/syringes
  • Childbirth

The vaccine is intended to protect the child from the mother during the process of childbirth.  Adults do not need to worry (much) about HepB because they will clear out the infection without help.

Newborns may have a chance as low as 5% of being able to clear the infection, and children as low as 30%.  And if they can’t, they will have a 40% lifetime risk of death from cirrhosis or hepatocellular carcinoma.

The estimated efficacy in prevention of chronic hepatitis B infection was 95% as compared to the infection rate in untreated historical controls.{5}

So if you are pregnant, or have a child you should get tested to determine the risk is that you will pass hepB. The test is simple, and will determine your immune state, and infected state.  You can use this information to determine if you will give your newborn the vaccine.

HepB Vaccine: https://www.merck.com/product/usa/pi_circulars/r/recombivax_hb/recombivax_pi.pdf

  • 5 mcg of hepatitis B surface antigen
  • All formulations contain approximately 0.5 mg of aluminum
  • 1% yeast protein
  • The vaccine contains <15 mcg/mL residual formaldehyde

Aluminum may be even more toxic than mercury.


With three doses of 0.5mg each, the HepB vaccine is, so far, the vaccine with the biggest amount of heavy metals that I’ve ran accross.

Anti-Vaxx: The Cost of Personal Opinion

It’s amusing that scientists expect you to take their word on their findings.  Then they’re upset when you don’t.

I’m educated, I want to believe you, but I’m not going to pay $40 to read each of your articles.  It appears as though I can’t even subscribe.

PMID:24814559[PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE] : http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0264410X14006367

If I don’t have access to the information I can’t give an opinion on it, and I certainly won’t take your word for it.

Anti-Vaxx: Number of Deaths vs. Number of Infections

If you look at data that attacks vaccination, that in fact says that vaccination is pointless you can notice that these graphs involve the number of deaths, not infections.  Those that agree that hygiene and advancement in medicine have played a factor agree that the number of deaths are going to drop over time regardless.

However, they also argue that the number of deaths are going to be low, but not zero.  And that the vaccination numbers did in fact drastically change the number of infections.  So let’s pull up a graph that uses CDC data.  (Rather that one passed around from article to article to publication.)


You are more than welcome to look at the CDC data yourself.


1940-1950: http://www.nber.org/vital-statistics/historical/vsus_1950_1.CV.pdf

However, you have to realize that the number of infections above do not take into account the increased population, or rate.  They also do not go farther into the past.


It does look like vaccination did at least have some impact.  I wish I could have information on the age of those infected & a graph of rate per those susceptible.  The data for infections basically remained the same from 1920 to 1960, so perhaps without vaccination they would still be the same?  (~400,000cases/year). Even with a growing population that’s a lot of cases.

Why You Should Be Afraid of Your Dentist

This is categorized under “Anti-Vaccination” because it is under the same idea and guidelines.  Assuming that thimerosal is a risk, vaccinations do not compare, and neither does mercury from fish.

Pulled from: http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/CHRG-108hhrg98046/html/CHRG-108hhrg98046.htm


Dental amalgam or silver mercury fillings contain 50 percent mercury, which is more toxic than lead, cadmium or even arsenic. These dental fillings contribute more mercury to body burden in humans than all other sources combined. In fact, the amount of mercury contained in one average size filling exceeds the U.S. EPA standard for human exposure for over 100 years.

Mercury vapor which escapes from these fillings is readily absorbed into the body, accumulates within all body tissues and has been shown to cause pathophysiology. In the case of pregnant women with mercury fillings, the mercury readily passes from her fillings into her lungs through her bloodstream through the placental barrier and into the developing child, whose central nervous system and immune system are especially vulnerable to this poison.

The fetus developing in the average American mother will be born into this world with more mercury from its mother’s dental fillings alone than it will receive from all the vaccinations it receives during its first 5 years of childhood. And I would add, those vaccines, without the trace, that was with the full load of thimerosal.

Scientists around the world have come to realize that even minute amounts of mercury can cause permanent neurological harm to young children and developing fetuses. The EPA recently announced that 630,000 babies are born each year with too much mercury in their bodies, and that one woman of childbearing age in 12 has enough mercury in her system to put her at risk to giving birth to a retarded child.

In response, the FDA has issued advisories to pregnant women and women of childbearing age to reduce their dietary intake of those fish which are known to contain elevated levels of mercury, such as tuna, swordfish and shark. But according to leading toxicologists, including the World Health Organization, only 20 percent of mercury body burden in adults is derived from diet. In contrast, 80 percent is derived from dental fillings.

As of today, the FDA has yet to advise these same women whom they warned against eating fish to avoid having mercury fillings placed in their mouth. If 20 percent is a problem, why isn’t 80 percent a bigger problem?

In 1987, upon the advice of the FDA dental device panel, the FDA accepted not dental amalgam but its premixed and separate components, amalgam alloy as class 2 and dental mercury as class 1. Class 1 is for devices that present no risk of harm and therefore are subject only to general controls for good manufacturing procedures. That’s right, the FDA classifies mercury, the most neurotoxic element on the planet, to be of equal risk to humans as toothbrushes and dental floss.

In 1998, the FDA ruled that mercury is not generally recognized as safe. However, it left dental mercury as a safe and effective class 1 dental device. Since all other medical uses of mercury have been banned, why should we assume that the only safe to implant it is in the human mouth?

Scrap amalgam, that unused portion of the filling material remaining after the filling material remaining after the filling is placed into a patient’s tooth, must be handled as a toxic waste disposal hazard. It cannot be thrown in the trash or buried in the ground or incinerated. It must be stored in an airtight vessel until properly disposed of. How can we justify storing this same mixture inches from a child’s brain stem and declare it harmless?

Anti-Vaxx: Methylation, Autism, Thimerosal, MethylB12

This argument indicates that thimerosal inhibits the synthesis of methylB12, and doing so prevents the healthy development of the brain.  It needs to be noted that taking methylB12 supplements could be taken during the time period where vaccinations take place which could prevent the majority of the side effects of vaccination.

For parents wary of vaccination side effects caused by this proposed mechanism, methylB12 suppliments should allow them to feel more comfortable.  Many people swear that they have seen Autism symptoms helped, or even “cured” with supplementation, so it might be worth a try if anyone is in that circumstance. …

If anyone has any other proposed mechanisms of brain damage by thimerosal, then do feel free to mention them.



Vaccine Safety Conference Session 20 – Dr. Richard Deth, PhD


Proof Thimerosal builds up in the body: (If proof is needed when fish accumulate mercury as well?)


Macrophagic myofasciitis and aluminum hydroxide: towards a definition of adjuvant syndrome.  Rev Neurol (Paris) 2003: 159: 2; 162-164 (will have to be translated)

Marcrophages that have accumulated adjuvants in the deltoid muscle as can be seen by a muscular biopsy of the connective tissue.




In conclusion, it appears that thimerosal causes autism and ADHD by interfering with folate dependent methylation by the enzyme methionine synthase. And it does this by blocking the synthesis of methylB12, the active form of B12. Genetic risks in the form of polymorphism and methylation related genes increases thimerosal toxicity in some children. And the fact that methylation enhancing metabolic treatments improves autism provides strong evidence that impaired methylation does indeed cause autism and that increased thimerosal exposure has been the critical factor in this so-called autism epidemic.