Using Research To Make A Point

I am currently researching anti-vaccinations in an attempt to form a well-rounded response on all the facts surrounding vaccination.  For those who defend vaccinations they say “and there is abundant research” about this and that.

I’m sorry, but if I was going to take your word for it I wouldn’t be looking up the facts in the first place.  If there is not scientifically backed research I am going to be unable to add it to my review of the anti-vaccination movement.

Although using this type of screening will make my research one sided, I will definitely go through a peer review phase where people will be welcome to object with the facts they insist exist.

As for those that state how they don’t want to go through the effort to find the research that I am expected to find.  Too bad, if you won’t defend your own opinions, the facts you are putting out there, then you won’t be included.  I’m not going to waste my time building your argument for you.


9 thoughts on “Using Research To Make A Point

    • I’m building an argument for anti-vaccination. I expect it to be completed by Sunday, and then I will offer it up to my scientific friends to either agree with the information or challenge the argument. I don’t join sides until my analysis is over, otherwise it creates bias.


    • I did end up watching the entire video. I looked up the house of reps. conference, and got a good few additional points for my argument. I would cite this video as having the underlyine idea that: vaccines are amazing, but they cause damage in a small portion of the population, and this damage needs to be accepted, and the risks need to be known.

      So not Anti-Vaxx, but pro scientific furtherment of vaccination safety.


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