Flying Pizza

It’s hard to write about dreams when it’s not the weekend, and this week was exceptionally busy.  And I don’t feel like talking about this dream at all so I’ll cut out a lot of details.

I woke up in the middle of the night and noticed someone left out the butter and the toaster was on.  (In real life this bedroom is rather large and there is a table in this section of the room.)

I was able to open doors and turn on and off lights by flicking them or asking the lights to turn on or off.  It’s really fun.  I think it is a byproduct of lucid dreaming- being more comfortable with changing your surroundings during non-lucid dreams.

Although I began to notice I was asleep while doing this/ I did not become lucid yet.

I became lucid in a desire to get out of the situation I was pushed into where i removed someone from existence and changed another before flying out a window.

There was a slice of pizza and the ceiling as I left the window which I grabbed because I was hungry, but I saw my sister also on a higher up portion of the ceiling who I dropped the slice to as I floated away.  I did not float too far before I woke up.


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