Got A New Job Offer

At my job they are expanding and growing like crazy.  Their parent company is making billions every year in revenue.  A new department is ring built, and a couple new processing lines as well.  Everything has to expand to make up for it.

Except for the department I am in.  No, this department has the correct size it needs, and has potential to shrink in the future.  (By incorporating more efficient processes).

I feel like I am a good worker.  In the 22 months I’ve been working here I’ve never taken a day off.  No vacation, no sick time.  I worked out my hands so that I wouldn’t be at risk of degenerative illnesses, and found the most efficient way to perform tasks.  It can be a fun job, and I was able to see myself staying with the company for life. 

I am friendly with everyone, I make sure to keep emotionally balanced, I am aware of everything thy is going on without looking like I am so, so stale like it sounds in this writing.  It’s good to have safe fun at work, and I try to keep those around me entertained during the day.

The problem is that I am a contractor. I don’t get the same voice as “actual employees.”  They keep the same number of employees as well as contractors so they don’t hire on unless someone leaves.

The last time someone left was three months ago, and I was one of the seniority contractor along with another coworker.  They haven’t hired on this shift for per a year since that point, and we had seniority, and a year more experience compared to everyone else except one more person who we only had two months on.

My friend got it.  Fine.  Apparently since I’m younger by ten years it would look bad to give me the spot.  Something about it looks like he would be a better fit for the company than me.

Now another spot opened, and in all reality with the expansion I should expect to be hired on in the next six months, and with a three year contract  I’m not at risk of my contract running out anytime soon.  As for this spot they try to maintain a 50/50 ratio of males to females even though they hire a higher percentage of male contractors.  Probably a 75/25 ratio.  So with two girls leaving it was not a surprise I do not get the spot.

“So you’re willing to move for the next job?”- I moved for this one.

“You’re willing to drive in the mean time?”- I took this job when it was a 3hr drive from where I lived.  I had to stay in a motel during the week until I it a place.  An hour drive is nothing.

It’s not the money, the perks, benefits, or anything like that.  It’s that I don’t feel noticed, and that when I am my hard working self I appear different.  Too energetic.  They want everyone t work at the same speed even though it is manual labor.  I have to take breaks to read or write to go at the same speed as everyone else.  (There are small incentives to work slower).

The hardest part about leaving is leaving a place I’ve put two years of work into.  A place where if I shut off my objectives I could earn a competitive salary, and live comfortably.

But I found my dream job!  The job I went to school for mixed with the type of work I’ve grown to be fond of.  It’s a direct hire so I am no longer a contractor, and I’ll be on the floor in two weeks.  It’s surreal, as if it’s not actually happening, or something is going to come along to break it.  Guess that makes me paranoid- as if I don’t deserve it.

The sad part is that I applied to one job in the four months.  One.  And it offers me a position people spend three years working to get into at my current job.

It’s a laugh, but once you take my age out of the equation I am a competitor all of a sudden.

Could have graduated high school at 16.  Got my associates at 17, a second one at 18.  A bachelor at 20.  I started this job in June, two months before I could even go to a bar with my coworkers.


7 thoughts on “Got A New Job Offer

  1. I have those same issues of not being recognised for the hard work I put in on the job so I know how u must have felt… I am even thinking of switching jobs cos working as a contract staff sucks in my company Sent from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone. From: the Moon, the Sea, the FishSent: Saturday, 4 April 2015 08:58To: ejirogolah@gmail.comReply To: the Moon, the Sea, the FishSubject: [New post] Got A New Job Offer

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    moonseafish posted: “At my job they are expanding and growing like crazy.  Their parent company is making billions every year in revenue.  A new department is ring built, and a couple new processing lines as well.  Everything has to expand to make up for it.Exc”


    • I guess it matters how important recognition is to you. No recognition, no training/experience, and a dead-end feel? Might be time to leave. No recognition, but you’re getting experience that will help you out later? Well then, you can just convince yourself that it is something that isn’t a priority at the moment, and that over time you can convince them of your abilities.


  2. Well it’s a tiny bit depressing to hear that once you get into the real world of work things don’t get less frustrating but oh well… All the best and I’m sure your hard work will pay dividends. x


    • If you compared the frustrations I experienced before school and after… There is a pretty big difference. For the most part everything I do is kicked to the next level. I take some pretty big jumps.

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