I don’t want cheese pizza

I walked into a restaurant at lunch with a few coworkers.  This restaurant is similar to a mall setup that has multiple places to buy food, but I’m fairly sure the idea came from my college CUB.

I ordered a calzone, and a slice of cheese pizza with chips.  I don’t care to look up the type of chip, but it was very specific and the clerk? made sure the type of chip displayed was the one I wanted.  The clerk has a very rememberable face, one that is in a lot of movies.  Again, another name I can not remember, but the fact that I can picture his face is what matters.

*I do tend to order two meals when I buy food.  I do usually eat them both as well, but I don’t always plan to. Typically if I don’t toss out any food I don’t get the ‘feel’ that I was able to eat as much as I wanted to. Which means that I can’t feel full unless I toss out food.

I didn’t actually want the cheese pizza, instead I would rather have had peperoni or meat lovers, or something along those regards.  Even though the clerk would not mind me correcting myself, for some reason doing so would be putting him out in my mind.

But how are people supposed to know what you want unless you tell them, and correct yourself if you tell them something else by mistake?  It’s not interpreting the dream as telling me I need to change myself, but instead it is my dream telling me a fact about myself that I have the option to change.  One that will make everyone better off.

That’s all I got. Cheers, happy Monday everyone!


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