Fate, Precognation, or Blashemy

Pardon me as my pagan side inulges itself for a short while.  This isn’t quite precognition where I am telling you that I can tell you I can read cards and tell the future to you, or perhaps even tell you anything about anyone else’s future at all.  Those would be educated guesses, and perhaps something similar, but not quite what I mean.

More along the lines of a gut feeling, a gut feeling that is never wrong.  I don’t like using the word never because it tends to be begged to be proven wrong, but perhaps I want to test fate.

The only question that I can seem to ask this … spirit. is how I can achieve something that I want.  Something that I want to happen.  This spirit gives a suggestion – somewhat as an order.  Take it or leave it: follow these steps to achieve the goal or try your hand at something else with questionable results.

This type of thinking can bias results by an added booster of confidence, or a lack thereof in situations that the spirit says will not work.  Perhaps this could be taken as blashemy, a superstition that should not be given merrit.

The heart bleeds. Fate means settling for the girl that does not have to be won.

The mind bleeds. The game has been lost.

The spirit bleeds. Why is Father so cruel.

The body is cauterized. Obediance is rewarding.

If you are offered freedom by being presented with the path, would following the path chain you from being free?


9 thoughts on “Fate, Precognation, or Blashemy

  1. You would only be chained for the period that you are in that path, once you reach freedom you will be free, and freedom has many definitions, the one I go by is Kant’s.

    Unless that was a rhetorical question then never mind XD


      • Well, to start on that path from the start was your choice, so that would be considered freedom in the conventional sense. And I can’t really really comment on wether you are still on the path or not since it’s extremely vague, is it a life choice? A code you live by? A job? I don’t mean to pry into your life or anything but I can’t really answer with too much vagueness.


      • My life is quite open, feel free to pry. Sometimes I make a choice and the choice is backed up. If the voice suggests a undesirable path, I personally don’t *have* to take it.

        You could think of it as the Christian’s guiding Holy Spirit, or the voices an insane person hears. Just advice.


      • So? First of all, that voice, gut feeling, holy ghost is you, it’s your brain finding a logical solution for whatever problem you face, and even if it wasn’t, like you said, you had the choice to either follow it or not, and that is free will in the conventional sense. And let’s just for a second say that it wasn’t even your choice. Let’s put it in a situation, let’s say you are on a date and that voice tells you to some tips on how to woo whoever you are with and end up marrying them, that in no way mean that you are chained by that voice or then I could say that the reason you got married is because your grandfather once listened to his own voice. Actions to carry that far into the future. I hope what I said makes some kind of sense and helps you somehow


      • I know the feeling XD glad I could help. By the way, you should check immanuel kant’s view of freedom, it might put your mind to ease or it can be just an interesting read 🙂


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