Anti-Vaxx: Vitamin C

If you want to hear it from the best.  Dr Suzanne – Dr.

Most mammals produce Vitamin C, and humans have most of the genetic code to produce it, but strange enough- they don’t.

The daily recommended dose is 40 – 90 mg /day.

This dose appears to be quite low compared to the amounts needed to recieve the desired health benefits from Vitamin C.  Also, with an overdose amount of 2000mg/day (and overdose symptoms not life threatening) there is not much to lose from increasing the vitamin C count.

Just do a quick google search and you will see all the benefits of taking Vitamin C, and you will see why many Anti-Vaxxers think so highly of vitamin C that it shrews vaccines worthless.  Something about generally being healthier overall with a higher vitamin C intake.

  • Natural Anti-Histamine
  • Essential in producing collagen – helps heal wounds.
  • Helps protect against the side-effects of stress
  • Anti-oxidant effect
  • Cardiovascular and Eye health

While there is a huge difference between 80mg/day and 2000mg/day there are a few things to keep in mind for those considering large doses of Vitamin C.

Vitamin C & Copper/Manganese

  • Vitamin C cannot be absorbed well without copper, and high vitamin C levels can cause copper defeciencies.  The same with Manganese, so these two minerals need to be watched.  Mineral supplementation should be considered if side affects start to be noticed.  (Should be considered regardless?)
  • Vitamin C supports calcium absoprtion, and therefore can have a detrimental effect on calcium stores.  Since calcium is absorbed differently, and behaves a little differently with vitamin C.  It is generally suggested that they are taken together.

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