Anti-Vaxx: Aluminum & The Blood Brain Barrier

This post may be a letdown, and the information doesn’t argue for either side.  Therefore, no tags for now.

The proposed method of actioin concerning Aluminum and brain damage is quite simple;

Aluminum passed through the blood brain barrier utilizing metal/ion transfer proteins.  Once inside the brain aluminum acts as an agent to produce damage in susceptible individuals utilizing the Amyloid Cascade Hypotheses.

The scientific data surrounding aluminum isn’t as highly developed as mercury is.  (It is recently used to replace mercury after all).

Similar to that of Mercury, Aluminum is not figured to damage indiferently, but rather only those with certain factors.  Which can’t be tested in the same way mercury associated factors can be.

Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety

  • Post-mortem examinations of humans with Alzheimer’s disease show that there are high concentrations of aluminum in the brain.
  • However, aluminum normally is not found in healthy brain tissue and researchers do not know how the metal gets into the brain.
  • Some researchers compared the aluminum concentration on brains of subjects affected by Alzheimer’s disease and age-matched controls. They found no differences between the two groups, suggesting that elevated aluminum concentration may be associated with age.

Aluminum IN VACCINE INJECTIONS have been connected to the Gulf War Syndrome in adults.  Adults are already developed where babbies and children are not, so wouldn’t the risks be higher for children?

  • Although concerning a war where the enemy was considering biowarfare, and with the vaccine not *linked,* it is possible the aluminum is not the cause.

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