Anti-Vaxx: Number of Deaths vs. Number of Infections

If you look at data that attacks vaccination, that in fact says that vaccination is pointless you can notice that these graphs involve the number of deaths, not infections.  Those that agree that hygiene and advancement in medicine have played a factor agree that the number of deaths are going to drop over time regardless.

However, they also argue that the number of deaths are going to be low, but not zero.  And that the vaccination numbers did in fact drastically change the number of infections.  So let’s pull up a graph that uses CDC data.  (Rather that one passed around from article to article to publication.)

You are more than welcome to look at the CDC data yourself.


However, you have to realize that the number of infections above do not take into account the increased population, or rate.  They also do not go farther into the past.

It does look like vaccination did at least have some impact.  I wish I could have information on the age of those infected & a graph of rate per those susceptible.  The data for infections basically remained the same from 1920 to 1960, so perhaps without vaccination they would still be the same?  (~400,000cases/year). Even with a growing population that’s a lot of cases.


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