Dream Journal: Nah it’s ok.

No, fun dream first.

I’m in a fight, but my side is losing. It’s a historical *game* with a pre-decided date so I shouldn’t be able to change anything, but I am going to try anyway. 

I run and try to hide behind the rocks.  I am especially careful during the time period where I am supposed to be caught, and I am not!

Cue a short break in the game/video where I am sitting in a receptionist room waiting on something… And the nurse mentions something about the movie being different than the last time she’s seen it.

But the movie is real, and I’m actually in it.  I race down to the beach where I end up being seen, but I rub a rock which freezes my would be captor, and he falls to the ground.

A short distance away I start to gather up all the different magical rocks.  As if I’m caught in a game- I don’t know which powers each rock has, but since they have Amber-like objects inside I should be able to figure it out.

I can only hold so many things… But the rocks turn to life as conscious fish who are friendly allies in water, so I head to the sea with all the Amber rocks and the newfound bag with all my childhood stuffed animals that are ready to come alive as full sized creatures at my command.

There is a large rock I had to leave behind that would help me the most if I could bring it to the sea, but that is rather silly to have the defenses requiring risk to use.  And now I get the power without needing the risk.

As I reach the water the water creatures come alive, but the Amber stones are eggs that need to incubate so I gather them up in a watery nest.

In the water I am given a choice- to live on the earth for eternity, or to live in the sea.  I chose the sea.  Not because I don’t prefer the land, but I don’t want to fall into water and not exist.

As I start to wake I kick into a bit of lucid dreaming to keep the dream going.  My jaw was not in a good place, and I did wake with a headache which only lasted until I fell back asleep.


I am going on a trip and I am driving.  I am not always driving my caffeine inside it, but instead as as a remote controlled car.  At one point I am even biking alongside the car.  For the most part it is numbing, and not much thought occurs.

Until I can’t keep up with the car after it goes up a hill.  I put the right turn blinker on and try to pull over, but I know it is already too late.

Both my bike and the car have the same accellorator.  I get up the hill and look for the car which I cannot find.  It appears that I passed out because I wake up in a bush.

As I wake up a car honks at me, and two coworkers (ex-now) get out.

C asks like she would how going to jail was.  (For the car crash that I never saw happen).

“I didn’t go to jail, I don’t know what’s going on just yet.”

“Don’t worry, we’lol help you.”

“It’s fine.” I answer as we get into the car.

Back out of the car. “You aren’t conscious of what’s going on are you?”

It’s a shame that I never did have that conversation with my newer coworkers.  The one where I tell them how I became a sociopath.  A term I am well aware I use with a differing definition.  Psychopath that hasn’t killed anyone.  That the me who is not bonded together fake/created thoughts and feelings died.

I answer giving here he vague response that turns her off.  “I am not conscious, but not because of the crash.  Because I feel as though I don’t exist.”


My dreams are likely so scattered in ideas and thoughts for two reasons.  As I create stories I change what happens too readily.  I am focused on perfection and do not allow a flow.

I was going to write something about C, but seeing as friendships in general do not make much sense to me I will pass on that for now.


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