401K – Retirement Investing

Invest up to 6% of your income that is matched 50% by the company.  You are honestly not going to find an investment that gives you a 50% bonus on day 1 on CD risk investments.  The only problem with this type of investing – retirement investing, is that the point of the money is that it isn’t taken out until you are 60!

I don’t want to think about when I’m 60, I don’t want to think about when I’m 30.  Life certainly isn’t as bad as before.  I don’t cut three times a day just to make it through the week, but I honestly still haven’t found something that makes life worth living.

Not to mention that the matched capital isn’t kept as mine unless I stay with this company for six years. Which I don’t see either.

Maybe I’ll take a few classes while I work this job since I live so close to a few nice colleges.!  Decision made. Prepare to watch me show off some drawings and animation!


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