Listen to the ENTIRE assignment 

Rather than just plotting to follow along. Here’s why.

This specific story part of the dream starts with this meeting, or this class, where they explain the entire assignment, but for some reason I don’t pay attention to it!

I run across J as the class concluded, and I guess this job started right after the “class.”

You will have to complete the circuit in two and a half minute quarter mile pace.”

“That’s easy, not even worried at all.”

“Yeah,no, that time includes everything.” J scrambles away. … Whoever is given that rotating position at work (How I met her) is always scrambling.

I go up the stairs.  Andrew is taking pictures of Pokemon cards. It is the first time he has been in one of my dreams. (My elder brother). I just watch him, and then follow him as he goes down the stairs.

As I walk towards the door he says, “you need the 8 cards to put on the towers.”

There is a set of cards on the wall which I grab.

“That’s more than eight…”

“I’ll put the ones I don’t use back.”

“The pictures….”

“Just go, I’ll figure it out for myself.”  I can run faster than him, I’ll catch up and pass him easy enough.  Up the stairs I set the cards down to take pictures.  I don’t know if I need eight seperate Pokemon, and when I look at the cards j only have six.  The rest are the same few Pokemon in different poses, different elements.

Then I just think the dream is stupid, waste of time, something I don’t care to continue.  And the dream concludes.


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