Sometimes someone believes something and you can just see in their eyes that they hold so strongly onto the belief that any argument will be thrown aside without being considered.

Someone had a death in the family at work and asked to take a few days off.  Even though I knew my boss would rather have him not take the days off than let me cover for him, I figured I would play my newness off and tell him that I would.  (I was in the process of getting a new boss who had said it was ok…)

When I went to the boss who was leaving to make sure they knew I was going to cover for him, she said she knew and went… “that’s only five work days in a row right?”  I’m not going to use any names, but there is no possible way to cover two days without having at least six 12 hour shifts in a row.

I told I’ve worked 16 hour shifts every day of the week for a month straight, and I just recently found out another worker has done something that’s actally illegal based on the number of hours worked before at another job.

We don’t do that here, she insisted.  She ended up asking someone who works dayshift to cover for him for the second day.  Day shift who works 6:30 am – 3pm.  And she asked her on two days notice to work a 7pm-7am shift.  That would have been miserable and she agreed to work from noon to midnight.  Meaning that she would rather have no one cover the shift than allow me to.

If I know what your response is going to be before I even ask.  If I know how much you hold onto your convinctions without even listening to my argument or taking consideration of it.  It turns you into a puzzle, someone to be worked around.  I won’t even bother to apologize, I lose interest in people who hold their opinions higher than others.


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