Defeating the Nightmare: Teeth

Dream experts say that one of the most common recurring mightmare is loose teeth, teeth falling out, dentists, and similar problems. (What percent of facts are made up on the spot?)

Personally, I had braces for ten years, an only had them taken off finally after my teeth roots started to deteriorate!  And with teeth being such a huge part of life for everyone, and a good set is basically considered required as far as parents are concerne when they prioritize getting teeth straightened and leave them to fend for themselves when it comes to paying for college.  I give a huge shout out to Becky G for defeating the “straight teeth are required to be considered attractive.”

Back on topic, I had a dream where my teeth started to twist and threatened to fall out.  I wouldn’t consider this dream a nightmare, or any teeth related dreams- and here’s why.  I remained calm.  Remaining calm will make any dream suitable, and I did what I thought was best in the situation.  I went to a mirror an pushed them back into place.  When I started twisting them back into place I recognized the weirdness of the situation and it led to a nice lucid dream.

If you are having tooth troubles in your dream just make sure to follow the same procedures that you should perform if you were awake:

  • Remain calm – worry about whether or not you lose teeth later, worrying now will only cause you more trouble.
  • Know that over-reacting will cause more stress and more damage.  The damage, if any, is already done, and worry about that in the immediate will not provide any benefit.
  • Consult a dentist who will help you regardless of the situation
  • With modern technology you will find a solution that may hurt your wallet, but is nothing to die over.

If you have a reaction in place that you will perform while awake will provide you with a natural, stress free, answer that will make it so that your “nightmares” are boring rather than unpleasant.


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