Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Thank you for making me question why I invested in writing a comment on your blog, and question whether or not you are going to “accept it.”  It is laughable if people don’t accept comments that don’t fit into their style.  Way to bias your page.

One to talk, I must point out that comments on my site used to have this, mostly because when I started the blog.  I think I was worried about bots, random trolls.  However, I’ve found that I have yet to have a comment that makes me think “oh I wish I had this option on.”

If someone takes the time to read my posts they are more than welcome to share their opinion, without getting the response “I want to determine if your comment is worthy of being on my site.”

I know I’m just being over the top.  If they don’t accept the comment it isn’t like I will ever likely even notice.  And for the most part I know that having this filter set is for a peace of mind, and that their desires is nothing as crude as what I immagine.


5 thoughts on “Your comment is awaiting moderation.

  1. wow. I’m just now understanding this.
    as a follower, I got his post in my email this am and saw “your comment is awaiting…”, read the comment and thought “wait, did I comment there” then I said “how could I have been so rude and offensive? did I comment there?”. went scrambling thru my comments and couldn’t find it.
    then I got it.
    it was your post of someone’s comment and you were explaining. I was so worried that I had offended, enjoyed the post though and trolls can be difficult when fed after dark. may we all never end up being the ‘troll’ ourselves.
    enjoy the day. -mike


      • no problem. once I got it, I was embarrassed for having duped myself into the mindset. I’m glad you wrote the post though. and for your kind comment in reply.

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  2. I hate that thing. My blog does it somehow occasionally even though I haven’t ticked it except for ‘mass market’ comments like ‘This blog is great check out how you could make your content even better!’. I only WISH I got controversial comments:)


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