Woman In Power/Leadership

At my last job they had a contractor pool that had an approximate 80% male to female ratio.  The actual employees were kept at a 50% ratio.  Female leadership was largely promoted as well, with meetings anouncing how they have increased the numbers of females in leadership, and how important that is to them.

I had co-workers who felt that they were getting passed over because they were male, and if you look at the facts above it his difficult to deny that.  A couple felt jelous that I was leaving because they felt as though they were going to be held back because of their gender.

When I got to my new job the receptionist was female, as was everyone in HR, in the office the numbers of females were higher than the males, my supervisor, manager, and the head of QA is also female.

But then you look at middle management.  All of the supervisors on the floor are male with few exceptions.  You could have eight guys in a room with one woman.  Then you look at the leadership and realize that none of them have been on the floor.

None of that matters to me, none of it.  Feeling as though you are going to be overlooked, and allowing that to get to you will stress you out, make you make mistakes, and your fidgeting will make everyone uncomfortable.  Long shifts while under stress will make you appear angry, unaproachable, and that will make you less of a desireous choice.  Job performance makes a difference, the type of person you are makes a difference.

I would have made the same decisions when it came to hiring personnel regardless of gender.  Sure, they may hire differently depending on your gender, but that’s not news to anyone.


11 thoughts on “Woman In Power/Leadership

  1. At my job it’s the other way round. I’m the only male on my small 10 person csr Team and one of only two men on the larger 30 person group.


      • Thanks for the reply. Really I’m not convinced that it’s intentional. In the type of call center I’m in its not that uncommon. There are some work groups and csr Teams that have more men than mine but most of them are majority female. I’m not worried about advancement possibilities at all at this point. Maybe I would be if I knew it was a policy or a planned thing.


      • I think a lot of the time it is someone seeing occurrences that are non-issue. Especially if they won’t consider leaving the job- they just nee to make themselves stand out more. 🙂 Worrying about it won’t change anything.


  2. I’ve worked in totally female, and primarily male offices, as well as alone, and I believe; it’s people and their attitudes that can make it work.
    Thank you for the visit and the follow 🙂


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