Say Hello To Your Replacement


Due recognition to The Comical Conservative for the picture.

This picture gives inference that asking $15/hr is asking too much for a simple job of taking orders.  That the new machine will do the exact same job as a cashier, and obviously doesn’t take into account the face person value.  Rather than a cashier, there will be a technician there in case there are problems with the machine (obviously less personnel).

I don’t consider the upgrade in technology to be at the fault of the cashiers.  It was definitely something that was provoked, and would not have happened otherwise, but minimum wage jobs should not exist.  This will put pressure on society to create better quality jobs, and move towards less of a poor/rich society.  I do feel bad because the greatest amount of stress will be placed on the less fortunate.

In a cold-hearted way I am jealous of them.  There is power in loss of the chains of structure.  However, I will never tell them that I want to be in their situation, or that they need to find the positive of their situation.  This would be simple ignorance by the fact that they would do exactly the same in blindly trade their lives for mine.  We want what we don’t have, and take for granted what we do.

Say hello to your replacement; what a joke.  Unless you silently kill them all, these people are still going to be around – and will still need jobs.  Can’t wait to watch the crime rate in Seattle spike.


4 thoughts on “Say Hello To Your Replacement

  1. I liked this post. I will say that McDonald’s has been developing systems to replace cashiers for over 5 years now. Maybe the recent pay issues accelerated this program, but it was going to happen nonetheless. The reason the machines were even considered was for convenience, but also to reduce payroll, increase profit and eliminate the need for people. It will be interesting to watch this unfold. Danny


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