“I Would Do Anything For Her” – The Girl

The Girl, because the girl is second class to the guy, expected to accept the afterthought as making her an equal.

The girl who is handed the world, and gets the privilege of the equality that the men are willing to allow.  Regardless of the new found privilege she is allotted, she is treated as though she is being handed whatever she wants without having to work for it.  As soon as she gets anything she is treated as though it was handed to her, and that she did not work for it.

And now there’s that guy.  That guy that romantically complains that he is not good enough for her regardless of what he does.  He’s a nice guy, a nice sweet guy.  And she’s supposed to like him because he likes her, as though she doesn’t have rights.  He doesn’t give her what she wants, what she needs.  He is allowed to skip past girls that he doesn’t like, but as soon as she does the same she is treated like a slut.  A girl who doesn’t know what is good for her.

She gets to choose from the guy who wants to buy her, rescue her instead of work with her, tell her everything she wants to know before walking out on her the instant he gets bored.  Expect her to trust him even though he knows the men of the world.

It’s her fault that he can’t make her happy even if he tried, as though his desire made her his slave.

How can she be expected to give herself away to someone on their whim.  Someone who she fully expects to toss her away once he becomes bored of her.


5 thoughts on ““I Would Do Anything For Her” – The Girl

  1. You’re right, it’s the girls fault. She should show the guy that he has to love her, how to love her. But when the guy doesn’t care or doesn’t let her in, then the man is at fault for not letting her try to take him inside of her. How can a man blame a girl when he doesn’t see that all she wants is him the world and be his wife. He is blind, and yet the girl is still at fault???


    • Not at fault… just that she’s not enough?, which is the guy’s fault… but she is choosing a guy that is surely not good enough for her. Might try getting a third party to make him see straight and talk it out. Might make him see some sense, might think differently if it’s casual from someone not as involved.


  2. Sounds like the girl (any girl, or just this girl?) Will never be by your side, instead she will stand under your feet, in your armpit, in the path between you and the ground. It doesn’t sound like the girl had a choice. You decided her fait wasn’t in your heart. A girl should not be second class. Your past haunts you and one day you’ll see, you choose what you think. It will take time, and God, but if you continue to think a girl is second class, then the girl might see it and push away too.
    “As soon as she gets anything she is treated as though it was handed to her, and that she did not work for it.” — is this statement towards gifts? why should a girl work for something that a man gives to her, when she works on showing him love in the tiniest ways? A gift is saying thank you, or I am happy with you. Or I love you.
    How is telling someone he’s not good enough be brought in as romantic? You crushed her heart, her hopes, her feelings, and her love. You can damage a person’s heart and mind with words…


    • You misread, as if she didn’t work for it* would mean that the effort utilized to obtain or do anything is minimized as if it doesnt matter. That working hard for anything is pointless and fate decides what people get.

      Girls are a higher class than men… but steriotypically like a guy to take charge and act as #1.

      Yes I broke her heart. I can’t count how many times I broke her heart. Every time I gave her a chance, it caused me anxiety. I can’t even say it broke my heart because I’m sure that every time I was just waiting to watch it fail. Waiting to watch what is be proved wrong.

      Realiatically that was setting her up for failure and that’s not on anyone but me, but also saying it’s all on me for giving her a chance is excessively one sided and crudely mean as well. (Opposed to saying in her case that it doesnt matter what she does it’s my fault).


    • And not being good enough isn’t romantic, but it’s what someone is used to or comforted by, and makes them feel like they made the right choice, it’s in romantic movies all the time, the guy not deserving the girl?


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