Using Research To Make A Point

I am currently researching anti-vaccinations in an attempt to form a well-rounded response on all the facts surrounding vaccination.  For those who defend vaccinations they say “and there is abundant research” about this and that.

I’m sorry, but if I was going to take your word for it I wouldn’t be looking up the facts in the first place.  If there is not scientifically backed research I am going to be unable to add it to my review of the anti-vaccination movement.

Although using this type of screening will make my research one sided, I will definitely go through a peer review phase where people will be welcome to object with the facts they insist exist.

As for those that state how they don’t want to go through the effort to find the research that I am expected to find.  Too bad, if you won’t defend your own opinions, the facts you are putting out there, then you won’t be included.  I’m not going to waste my time building your argument for you.


Cuban HIV Strain CRF19 May Help Debunk Conspiracy Theorists

This entire blog post was inspired by the science article *doi:10.1016/j.ebiom.2015.01.015.* I have previously written a blog about HIV conspiracy theories, and this article does a good job at linking at providing proof concerning a few of the facts.  Although the patient numbers are fairly few and specific so I won’t be about to use it as proof.

*Additional HIV transmission in those who don’t use protection which allows recombinant HIV strains to mix.

*Opportunistic infections seen in healthy individuals where the organism itself would not cause disease.

*Differing onset times indicate the preventative drugs themselves are not the sole cause of illness.

CRF19_cpx is an Evolutionary fit HIV-1 Variant Strongly Associated With Rapid Progression to AIDS in Cuba

I will start with the Study Population.  Everyone that this research uses to gain data are HIV-1 positive patients that are currently at the hospital being treated for medical care. This narrows the pool of information to those most at risk to the virus.

There is no HIV-1 negative “control” patients.  It appears as their control is people who have the HIV virus and those that have HIV-1 but are classified as “non-AIDS.”  This *negative* control would not only have provided information to debunk conspiracy theorists, but would have also indicated that the process used to find particulates such as the following are accurate.

****Log VL at sampling (RNA copies/ml plasma) 3.7 (3.0–4.3) (N = 20) 4.7 (4.2–5.4) (N = 22) 4.7 (4.0–5.4) (N = 47) 0.0028 N0.99 0.0033****

I do applaud this study because ethey do give an effort to include the RNA copies/ml (assumed to be HIV RNA copies) rather than just taking a look at the viral load on the system (interleukins, inflamatory cytokines, ect.

5 out of the 9 patients exhibiting CRF_19 have oral candidiasis.  They also were less likely to use any type of protection indicating the likelyhood of contracting multiple strains of HIV.  (Which creates the CRF recombination).  I would like to know if these 9 patients at all were intimate with each other.

C. albicans is carried in the mouths of about 50% of the world’s population as a normal component of the oral microbiota (wikipedia).  As an opportunistic infection from a microbe that is already present, it gives greater strength to the belief that HIV is the cause of the illness.


I tried to find out how they subtype HIV, and for the most part they do use envelope proteins.  This type of system is acceptable, and I may myself replace the charts listed elsewhere that provide the reasoning as:

Subtype A: Central and East Africa as well as East European countries that were formerly part of the Soviet Union.

Subtype B: West and Central Europe, the Americas, Australia, South America, and several southeast Asian countries (Thailand, and Japan), as well as northern Africa and the Middle East.

Subtype C: Sub-Saharan Africa, India, and Brazil.

Subtype D: North Africa and the Middle East.

Subtype F: South and southeast Asia.

Subtype G: West and Central Africa.

Subtypes H, J, and K: Africa and the Middle East.


A few faccts about CRF19 itself:

CRF stands for Circulating Recombinant Forms

CRF19 is a recombinant of subtype D (C-part of Gag, PR, RT and nef), subtype A (N-part of Gag, Integrase, Env) and subtype G (Vif, Vpr, Vpu and C-part of Env).

CRF19’s onset of AIDS is likely triggered by the use of RANTES and an extra effecient protease.  RANTES is a part of our host system and acts by binding to CCR5.  HIV utilizes CCR5 in end stages to progress, and previously this stage is what slowed down AIDS progression.  Protease is a part of subtype D HIV strains, and this enzyme allows the viral proteins to form mature virons fasters.

The Ignored and Unnecessary Dangers of Vaccination

I am not anti vaccinations, but I am pro-choice in that there should be more vaccination choices out there.

Family that experiences reactions to vaccinations and what they’ve gone through:

When science comes into play and people are against something the immediate response is that they must be ignorant, and they must listen to people who have more knowledge of science than them.  They must listen to their betters who have decades of experience believing everything they are told as fact.  And God forbid anyone with a science background start a discussion.  They should know better.

Let us have the scientific discussion.


Thiomersal is an organomercury compound used as a preservative in vaccines since the 1930s to prevent bacterial and fungal diseases. (

A vaccine containing 0.01% thimerosal as a preservative contains 50 micrograms of thimerosal per 0.5 mL dose or approximately 25 micrograms of mercury per 0.5 mL dose.


The 0.01% limit is not accurate, and this percentage can not be done to such a specific amount.  Wine alcohol %’s are decreased compared to what the bottle percentages say to enter a lower tax bracket.  The amount of food in packages are lower than what is actually contained.  It is based on being able to round, or “allowable ppm.”  If the 0.01% means two significant figures vaccines may try to be 0.01% but allow 0.0149%.

With such a low dose required to cause death and neurogical problems it amazes me how people say it can’t be possible that the mercury will renter into a more poisonous state.

  • Scientific Review of Vaccine Safety Datalink Information June 7-8, 2000 Simpsonwood Retreat Center Norcross, Georgia
    • CDC & FDA conference to determine the effects mercury and other vaccine reagents can have on the system, and how it should be addressed. *** Autism / ADD caused by Mercury.


Aluminum as an adjuvant causes damage in the injection site to create the immunologic response that they compounds themselves don’t make. “Aluminum is a Brain Toxin” (

PMID:22235057[PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE] *** In summary, research evidence shows that increasing concerns about current vaccination practices may indeed be warranted. Because children may be most at risk of vaccine-induced complications, a rigorous evaluation of the vaccine-related adverse health impacts in the pediatric population is urgently needed.

Penn and Teller on Vaccinations

It’s obviously better for our children as a whole to get vaccinations than for them to not get vaccinated.  However, I expect researchers to acknowledge the risks, and find adjuvants that don’t cause damage to our children as a whole.

For those that think that public knowledge of vaccination risks would cause them to not vaccinate, how about making vaccinations that do not contain the unwanted ingredients whose only reason for existing is for shelf life.  Vaccinations with a shorter shelf life would make the vaccinations costlier.  This is a price the parents would be willing to pay considering that they are willing to risk their children concerning facing life threatening illnesses compared to the vaccinations themselves.

*****Herd Immunity:

Those who are against vaccinating their own children while looking at all the facts (that vaccinations help keep the society as a whole healthier) but still don’t vaccinate their children are in a weird position.  They rely on heard immunity protect their children, but don’t add to it.  I can’t bash them though.  They are responsible for giving their children the most power that they can (which all other parents do) especially if it comes at the cost of other kids.  If they were been listened to, after all, they would not need to worry about the dangers of vaccines.  The vaccines would be safer, and their issues with vaccines would be respected.

Single Dose Vaccinations (Vials created for one vaccination rather than multiple doses in the same vials) should be made without perservatives.)

  • Translation: Although we just said mercury should be removed from vaccines quickly, we are not going to take you up on your offer to do just that. Robert F. Kennedy’s recent article on this letter exchange helps capture the outrage many feel. (
    • Even if Vaccinations now do not contain Mercury, our government has shown how they will choose to not follow paths that respect thte deisres of parents unless they are forced into doing so.

The Problem With Conspiracy Theories

So someone asked me what I did last weekend, and I expressed how I had spent a large amount of time researching HIV, and how it was connected to a conspiracy theorist group.  But every time I talk or write about any time concerning conspiracy theories one thing always comes into my mind.

Assume that it is true, and that you gather awareness to it, then what?  Assuming that it is true, and people have been killed to keep it quiet, is the government going to just stand by and watch as you bring awareness to it all?  Of course not.

Assuming that I had information that disproved HIV (as an example…), would it be my duty to try to save hundreds of thousands of lives?  To try to bring awareness to the issue?  Or should I, even with the information go and just forget about it?

I think that the aspect that these people have forgotten is that they just need to use the right wording.  It’s not a blame game, and we don’t have to blame the government and say that they are the cause of millions of deaths while still expecting them to sit there and just take it.  If you can’t let go of fault you can still respect them enough to give them an out.

“We might have been wrong, and want to confirm that it is the case.  We want to find out the infectivity, not that we want to prove that there is none.” (It is claimed HIV is not sexually transmitted.)

If you go around looking for enemies you will find one.  Go looking for friends instead.

HIV/AIDS HOAX – Conspiracy Theory

It is important to hear people out when they bring up their theories and not just shrug it aside.  Doing so, and saying that it is ignorant does two things.  1) What if they’re right, and 2) Ignoring them makes them do the same to you, and ignore any data that you try to bring up.  Do you listen to people who disrespect you?

Some of the major arguments that HIV and AIDS don’t exist, or/and are not connected:

There are no retroviruses that cause disease – they are harmless

In retroviruses the DNA created by the virus is integrated into the host genome.  You could say that damage to the host is a mistake, unintentional.  So I would say that it is true that the intention is not to overwhelm or spread as fast as possible before the cells die.  This stress of the DNA can believably lead to cancer which is one of the main issues found with retroviruses.  One example: Rous sarcoma virus (RSV).

An argument for immunosuppression caused by retroviruses is that there are actions done by the viruses to hurt the immune system such as how the antigen presentation by dendritic cells is suppressed in HIV-infected individuals (PMC 1414836).  In other words the immune system stops announcing what infections look like.  The cops keep driving around but can’t tell apart criminals from normal civilians.  My example here will not use this pubmed article, but instead be FeLV.

CD4 T helper cells

  • The virus does not exist; it has never been isolated as an agent in diseased individuals.

PMID: 2949638: Isolation of human immune deficiency virus from African AIDS patients and from persons without AIDS or IgG antibody to human immune deficiency virus.

PMID: 2128364: HIV isolation from whole blood: a new approach to HIV detection.

  • If you test positive for HIV, and test positive for something else such as tuberculosis, it is called AIDS.

Immunodeficiency, HIV might play a factor, it might not.

  • False positives, just test until you get the result that you want.

But if you’re positive, and take the drugs you’re more likely to continue to test positive.

HIV and AIDS are not connected

  • 3) In violation of Koch’s third postulate, pure HIV does not reproduce AIDS when inoculated into chimpanzees or accidentally into healthy humans (9, 12, 13).
  • Dr Robert Willner Injects himself with HIV on TV and strangely dies 4 months later.
  • 5) It is paradoxical that HIV is said to cause AIDS only after the onset of antiviral immunity, detected by a positive “AIDS test,
  • 8) It is paradoxical for a virus to have a country-specific host range and a risk group-specific pathology. In the United States, 92% of AIDS patients are male (19), but in Africa AIDS is equally distributed between the sexes, although the virus is thought to have existed in Africa not much longer than in the United States (20). In the United States, the virus is said to cause Kaposi’s sarcoma only in homosexuals, mostly Pneumocystis pneumonia in hemophiliacs, and frequently cytomegalovirus disease in children (21). In Africa the same virus is thought to cause slim disease, fever, and diarrhea almost exclusively (22, 23).
  • Dr Robert Willner offered $100,000 for any document that proves HIV causes AIDS

Taking the anti-viral drugs will cause AIDS, and taking these drugs will kill you.  Don’t take the drugs and you will be perfectly healthy.

  • AZT causes the symptoms of AIDS, and kills people
    • Shelved because it was too toxic to treat cancer
    • AZT was released with falsified information, the trials required to show efficiency were not performed. It questions the reality of the placebo section of the trials, and inferences that it is likely that they were killed.
      • Other problems with the test (By Dr. Robert Willner).
        • The placebo had 31 side effects
        • They had found out if they had the drug the first week in.
        • Admitted to sharing their drugs with members of placebo group.
        • Members of the AZT group had six times as many blood transfusions.
        • This means that if my patients had enrolled in the trial it’s probable that there would have been no deaths at all by the time the placebo arm was discontinued and thus an apparent dramatic effect of AZT on mortality would not have been seen.
      • Conspiracy theory to make money, and hold onto face
      • No data that supports these as a cure or helpful to treat the virus

Youtube Bloggers:

Website which lists people who denied of AIDS to die from it ~Age 50.

HIV is not sexually transmitted

Just as simple as it sounds, they say that there is no evidence that states how/if HIV is transmitted sexually.

  • Nobody had HIV transferred to them through heterosexual sex during a 10 year study.
    • PMID: 9270414
    • Incorrect, the report came out to be ~20% of men, and 2% of women. The statistics of the women may be contributed to false positives, but also attributing it to males would be a lie.
    • However, that 20% that into account more factors than just sex, and did not disqualify people based on IV drug use and similar accounts.
  • HIV is likely spread along with other STI
  • Robert Willner will have to stick himself 300 times to transfer the virus.
    • Though a little pinprick between two fingers isn’t very convincing…
  • First in the history of science that the number of incidents is lower for doctors and those in the medical profession than the average population.

The first outbreak of AIDS started through homosexuals that did not want to believe that their lifestyle was the cause of their problems.

  • Large amounts of cases of Kaposi’s sarcoma
  • Large amount of sexual partners
  • Poppers/ multiple sicknesses at the same time due to going to the bathhouse

No reference standard for HIV tests

  • Peter Duesberg
    • Duesberg did not have any funding or grant issues (every single one of his applications were funded, until after his first paper was published.
  • David Rasnick
    • Not sexually transmitted

In Conclusion:

  • You’re more likely to get AIDS if you’re male (92% of HIV positive in U.S.)
  • Dr Robert Willner offered 100,000 for any document that details how HIV causes AIDS
  • Use a condom (There are other STD’s)
  • Don’t use AZT (It will kill you)

Remain Silent:

Scientists who speak out lose their jobs, dissapear.  Parents who chose not to give these treatments to their children are faced with having their kids taken away. All of what I read was by people who died five months later, had lost their grants, and their jobs.

If curious, learn more: