Say Hello To Your Replacement


Due recognition to The Comical Conservative for the picture.

This picture gives inference that asking $15/hr is asking too much for a simple job of taking orders.  That the new machine will do the exact same job as a cashier, and obviously doesn’t take into account the face person value.  Rather than a cashier, there will be a technician there in case there are problems with the machine (obviously less personnel).

I don’t consider the upgrade in technology to be at the fault of the cashiers.  It was definitely something that was provoked, and would not have happened otherwise, but minimum wage jobs should not exist.  This will put pressure on society to create better quality jobs, and move towards less of a poor/rich society.  I do feel bad because the greatest amount of stress will be placed on the less fortunate.

In a cold-hearted way I am jealous of them.  There is power in loss of the chains of structure.  However, I will never tell them that I want to be in their situation, or that they need to find the positive of their situation.  This would be simple ignorance by the fact that they would do exactly the same in blindly trade their lives for mine.  We want what we don’t have, and take for granted what we do.

Say hello to your replacement; what a joke.  Unless you silently kill them all, these people are still going to be around – and will still need jobs.  Can’t wait to watch the crime rate in Seattle spike.


Woman In Power/Leadership

At my last job they had a contractor pool that had an approximate 80% male to female ratio.  The actual employees were kept at a 50% ratio.  Female leadership was largely promoted as well, with meetings anouncing how they have increased the numbers of females in leadership, and how important that is to them.

I had co-workers who felt that they were getting passed over because they were male, and if you look at the facts above it his difficult to deny that.  A couple felt jelous that I was leaving because they felt as though they were going to be held back because of their gender.

When I got to my new job the receptionist was female, as was everyone in HR, in the office the numbers of females were higher than the males, my supervisor, manager, and the head of QA is also female.

But then you look at middle management.  All of the supervisors on the floor are male with few exceptions.  You could have eight guys in a room with one woman.  Then you look at the leadership and realize that none of them have been on the floor.

None of that matters to me, none of it.  Feeling as though you are going to be overlooked, and allowing that to get to you will stress you out, make you make mistakes, and your fidgeting will make everyone uncomfortable.  Long shifts while under stress will make you appear angry, unaproachable, and that will make you less of a desireous choice.  Job performance makes a difference, the type of person you are makes a difference.

I would have made the same decisions when it came to hiring personnel regardless of gender.  Sure, they may hire differently depending on your gender, but that’s not news to anyone.

Live Die Repeat – The Power of Blood

Live Die Repeat is about alien invaders who are taking over the world through a trick of theirs where if an alpha dies time is reset by a day – and the aliens remember what happen.

When the main character, William Cage, dies in the final fight he takes an alpha out with him, and their blood mixes together.

Now William Cage has taken over the power of the aliens and if he dies time is reset.  This is his change so save humanity!

The only way for him to lose this power is if William Cage is given a blood transfusion.  (Where the doctors would be mistakenly believing it would save his life.)

I hope I’m not the only one who has this movie screaming Jehova’s Witness to me.  I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, although obviously to me it appears that lifesaving blood transfusions are well… lifesaving.

I went and googled it to see what everyone else thinks.  Ex-Jehova’s Witness now athiest didn’t even mention it when they raved how good they thought it was.  So maybe I’m alone. Review: “Edge of Tomorrow”

Police Raid Leaves Child Hurt and Family With $Million in Medical Bills

Cops started a drug raid into a building, and with the start of the entry they tossed a flash gernade into the house before entering.

There is a petition asking for $1Million asking for the county to pay for the medical bills.

They claim:

  • Evidence of children

There was no evidence of children.  There was no bicycles, toys outside, ect.  They had previously entered into the house and there were no children there.

  • Wrong house

Previously entered into the house.  There were drugs being sold out of the house? Previously entered for guns, and they even found some.

The baby’s craddle was located right next to the front door.  And not just right next to the front door, but close enough to block it from being pushed in.

Resources used to gather an opinion:

So let’s get this straight.  They claim this house was chosen randomly and wrongly even though they have a blood connection to the nephew who was staying only a couple houses away.  Also, this house was previously entered for weapons, with some weapons obtained.

The front door was giving resistance.  And informants gave information concerning armed guards.  It is likely these guards might have existed and did not stay there – for the dealer didn’t stay there either.  Don’t deal where you live kind of thing?

It’s a tough situation.  The cops made a call that I do not blame them for doing.  Their evidence and train of thought makes sense.  You can’t particularily punish cops for making the correct, although unforunate call.

As for the $Million.  If the parents were uninvolved, taking away the child may be over the top severe, but handing out this much money might feel as though they are funding or supporting drug lords.  They have an informant who just bought drugs at this house.

Do you, would you, keep a child’s pen right in front of the entrance to your home?

On the flip side, if you ever raid my place, cops, make sure to cover the entrances and knock first.  I mean, seriously, if I own a gun and some random guy just knocked down my door I wouldn’t just leave the gun alone and say, “oh hey, I’ll assume it’s just cops and that everything is O.K.”

Is Your Comfort Zone Holding You Back?

Some say that the biggest problem our generation faces is the dangers of falling into the comfort zone.  Simple, easy job tha doesn’t pay well, but pays enough.  Internet, TV, video games, enough entertainment to keep you entertained.  It’s not that there is less of a push to do more, achieve more – I think people are just less bored, and are pushed to succeed less as a generation.  Just surviving is accepted as an achievement, and if you’re just surviving you’re successful opposed to in the past generations where to succeed you had to have a high paying job.

*In a more personal note, a personal comfort zone is something that holds you down, and holds you away from what you’re capable of achieving.  A comfort zone can be extremely painful, and may include abusive boyfriends, girlfriends, parents, and other people.  You accept the situation similar, but not, to that of a stockholm’s syndrome.  You know how to deal with the pain, and even though it’s painful it’s familiar.  The familiarity is comfortable.  You hold onto the familiarity, you hold onto the comfort, and you’re afraid to change.  The unknown is what scares you to death, and keeps you holding onto your comfort zone.

When I moved to college I couldn’t leave my room for the first few days.  I was scared to death, I was hundreds of miles away from everything that I knew, my funding was reduced a week before college started, and I was all on my own.

Don’t get me wrong- my latest job was a step up. If I could stay for years, decades, then I might stay around while I keep myself entertained, and happy enough.  Even if the job was dull, boring, uninteresting, had zero chance of advancement, or challenge it would be comfortable. I would know I wanted more for myself, and might even work on doing that over time, but it would be comfortable to know I didn’t have to.  If the job was there to rely on, even if it’s full of drama and people you dislike, it gives a reason to place aside your aspirations and relax.  You’re constantly congradulated on surviving.  Just being able to hold any job is a big deal, and you’re not an overachiever so there’s no need to overachieve.  What you have is enough.

Superbowl Pre-Gaming With 2015 Superbowl Commercials

For those that didn’t know, you can watch the upcomming superbowl adds right now!

But does this have any impact on the companies themselves?

Watching the adds before the game can leave a sense of “oh, wow this company is cheap and is re-using adds.”  “Old commercial, or boring already saw that.”

On such an expensive add day I think the way the companies have done it perfectly.

Consumers have to search for these adds before-hand which increases their investment into the commercials and also giving them more value.  This way when they see the commercial on the big day they enjoy watching it for a second time which re-enforces the product as well.  They get a sense of the time they had to invest to watch it before the game which sets them apart from those who did not.  This is different than having the commercial re-enforced with paid avertising that is pushed on the consumer.

Have fun watching the game everyone!  Consider pre-gaming with the commercials so that when the actual game is showing you don’t feel as bad walking away from the screen to re-fill.!

Family Reading Your Blog

When you’re talking to strangers you can say whatever you want.  You can talk about how you used to cut, how you still cut.  You can talk about how your day is going, about some cute guy you saw, about a scripture you just read.  You can talk about how the snickers bar in the vending machine tasted like toothpaste.

And what they think matters.  You’re talking to someone and getting it off your chest, but. but.  At the end of the day if they can walk away if they don’t want to hear it.  They don’t have to pretend, and they don’t have to care.

My brother said that he read a little of my blog when I first started, but then felt as though he thought that I would not want him to read it.  I’m not hiding anything, I have my name attatched to my blog, my face, and I do on occasion link my blog on my facebook.  Everything I write is open for everyone to read… but…

I wouldn’t say the same things in person that I would write in my blog because a portion of why I write is to exercise my own ideas, my own opinions, my own thoughts, and I have never done that when talking to someone.  When I talk to someone what I say is directed towards what they want to hear, and I do realize that is a flaw that I had engrained into me as I was growing up.  And the difference between the way that I write, and the way that I talk has me anxious for anyone that I know who decides to read my blog.

So be warned.  For those that care enough to read what I like you might just learn more about me.  Like how I am two sentences past what I’m typing even though I type really fast… and type wrong words down like “like” instead of “write” because I had corrected it into “type.”