The Pretend Man Experiment

What if God, or some other being, invented and placed pretend beings that are meant to challange our reactions, teach us a lesson, ect.  I guess to an extent this might include “pretend” history that is taken at truth.

That God isn’t allowing people to be hurt since they don’t actually exist, or that people like Hitler weren’t actually a person but someone who was created to perform acts in order to push us towards a certain direction.

This idea is obviously self-centric since it denies the existance of others.  To the extreme it would state that your entire life is a fabricated test.  It puts all of those “why/how could someone do that” momments into a new light.


Growing Up Without Parents

Why just disregard the parent /child system?  Surely it is not broken in iteslf, and family is a bond that can’t compare to anything else.

*Parenting is a joy in itself.  Why refute a person’s right to have a child of their own?

If you don’t grow up being taught tht your life isn’t fullfillned until you reproduce then chances are you won’t feel the need to.  For those who need to nurture something that is theirs: Get a pet.  The people who have the stronger urges, and feel the need to have children should be the ones who work with them.  In this situation they can chose to take on the responsibility that can handle, and it will be considered more of a proffession than something that keeps them from attaining their proffession.

*The love and joy of a parent cannot be replaced.  Surely  the system that replaces it would be cold, and would not have the same amount of love and nurturing.

Parenting comes at the cost of the child.  The child is expected to live with inexperienced people during their most impretionable years.  And if the parent is experienced then they will likely have to fight to attain affection.  If they don’t have the fighting personality then they will likely not have open communication and trust with their parents.=The soluation is not communal children, but rather a more advanced school system that is built to teach them what they need to know while in an environment that teaches them how to interact in the society.

~The main problem that we face as a culture is that children in similar situations will either feel rejected as if their parents don’t want them, and that they don’t belong.  They aren’t the same as other kids because other kids have parents.  If all kids are raised the same then it’s not that they don’t know better – but that they aren’t raised believing that the other kids have something that they should want more than anything else.

Eternal Life

So you have discovered the solution to eternal life.  There would be no breakdown due to processes involved with aging.

Problems involved:

1. Population Control.

*With a constant influx of people it is plausable that the planet will fill up extremely fast.  People will be able to live forever and have as many kids as they’d like if unsupervised.

~Solved by limiting those who are allowed to have the drug to those who go through the “school system.”  Having children outside of the government program would be illegal.  Do note that even if someting is illegal the level of punishment differs, and the level would need to be high enough to make having a child looked down upon.

2.Who to tell that you have discovered the treatment.

*Are you going to make the drug available to everyone?  How many years is that young twenty year old going to be willing to bag your groceries before they crack?  If people don’t age then the won’t leave to open up slots for people to rise in the ranks.  People always will want to improve their standing, and that can be hard if the people above them don’t budge.

~Technology to make their jobs obsolete, and a lifestyle that has a higher value on enjoying life and having fun.  Certainly the short lifespan of life gives a pressure to get better before your time runs out.  Without that pressure to rise people will be more likely to be relaxed, and willing to take their sweet time.  Plus! Travel, and trying out new things is an option.  How long will it take for you to get bored of your high class position before you get bored and want to try out out something new?

*There’s a power flux concerning having the ability to give people this option.  Why not just make an insider’s club, and keep all of the riches to yourself?

~Well. Share it with like minded people who you trust, and work from there.  By sharing with a larger group of elites it is possible to boost just how powerful you are because everyone who joins the club is granted entry by you.

Motion, Time, and the Bar of Mis-Balance

Time is what I regard as the greatest healer of all things.  Time will heal both physical and emotional wounds, and if used right can help you achieve your goals.  However, that is only if time is used in the right way.

Newton’s First Law of Motion states that things in motion will stay in motion.  But how does this apply to time?  Well our world doesn’t like change, and has forces that accelerate actions rather than slowing them down.  Nature does balance, but it only balances when it already has a policy in plan that catches hold and pushes the force back into place.  If nature doesn’t have a policy in place to fix your problem then you should not expect your problem to go away with time.  You have to grab hold of the problem and push it back into the desired direction.

*The body has different types of fat cells, and there are different ways to burn fat.  White fat cells, Brown fat cells, appetite, metabolism.  As you gain more weight your body gets used to gaining weight, and burning off that weight becomes harder.  The farther you have spiraled the harder it will be to push the balance back to the other direction.

*Depression / SH / Addiction :  Once you’ve hit rock bottom, then you have nothing to lose.  Whenever anything bad happens you will have feelings and thoughts in your head that someone else would not have to endure.  Unlike them you don’t have to be curious if it works, how it works, if it’s safe enough, how to do it.  It’s as if you weren’t fixed well in the first place.

Don’t despair.  If all of these works in bad ways why wouldn’t they also work in good ways as well?

*The more money you have the easier it is to make money.  Investing, security, ect.  If you can buy a house you are investing in real estate rather than paying someone else rent.  If you can pay off your car & student loans you don’t pay interest.

*Being happy releases hormones that keep stress and anxiety at bay.  You will get sick less often, and you will have to deal with less problems.

*The one bad thing that could ruin your day becomes simply a slight obsticle.  you can just deal with it, and then move on with your day.

*You will be more fun to be around.  People prefer being around happy people, and they prefer to help out happy people.  People prefer to be with happier people.

Keep this in mind when you go about your day.  Your choice is yours to make, and I am not one to judge you for how you live your life.  I would just like you to be aware that with every action you make you are making a choice concerning which direction this bar of “mis-balance” is headed in.


In my book the leader that is forming the new government is leaning towards isolationism.  He wants to build a government that is not corrupted by the outside world while not wanting to force the entire world to live as he feels is politically necessary.  Although his “power,” gives answers that are not possible otherwise, excess power alone does not mean that it is the correct path for eutopian government.  So the main problems with isolationism?

*As a citizen and you know another country is hurting you’ll likely want to go help them.  You’re likely to want to know if they’re hurting as well.

-Solved by telling the countries that you’re willing to help them reformat their government to match yours, but not forcing them to go along with it.  Just getting involved anyway is similar to the Christian Crusades.  Just because you feel like you are right does not mean you can impose those ideas.

*Wouldn’t people be upset that the government is holding back information, and about what is going on in the outside world?

-In theory those who are born to this type of government will find the outsiders strange rather than themselves, and there would be no need to hide information.

*How do you prevent another country from getting involved?

-Huge defenses that could also counter as offenses.  Power basically, if they attack you then you can attack them back.  So if you have power this isn’t an issue.

*Don’t exchange goods / information.  This could slow down growth.

-Nationalism.  Don’t feel the need to ask for help, and the nation as a whole would find a solution to their own problems.  It would slow the trade of information, and technology.  It depends on what the person prioritizes, and technology is not one in this situation.

The Lottery of Birth

Right before I started working on my book tonight I ran accross this movie called, “The Lottery of Birth.” I was expecting it to be directed towards people who have never questioned how things are different based on how and when you were born.  Even though it was it brought up enough interesting facts to keep my attention for about 3/4 of the movie.

*Depending on how and when you are born determines your genetics, parenting, upbringing, and faith.  That’s pretty obvious, and if the movie kept to that I would have only watched it for half a minute.

*Stockholms syndrome, or what I consider Advanced Stockholms Syndrome – people are trained to follow the guidelines of their culture.  They will learn to not only do what their parents tell them to do, or follow their bosses instructions, and buy into the credit system, but they will also learn to enjoy it.  They will learn to expect it, and will be scared if that system wasn’t there.  I wouldn’t say this makes them happy, but rather that it makes them comfortable.  People are willing to put up with a great deal of pain for long periods of time as long as it is within their comfort zone.

*So what am I getting at? In college one of my proffessors talked about how we wanted to push everyone to gain an education, and how he wanted to force (increase expectations) for everyone to gain a college education.  He pointed out how he thinks the society is better than those of the native americans and how we’re living longer and living better lives.  We have medicine we need to share and cultivate.  Having an education makes your life better, he said, and a life without an education is not as good.

I didn’t agree with this idea, and when instructed that I had to write a paper based on this argument I refuted his argument.  I was called stubborn, illmannered, and ignorant.

But let me explain:

You expect someone is going to be at your coffee shop making you coffee.  You expect a waitor at a high-class establishment, and you expect someone is going to deliver you a pizza.  Someone is going to have to reshelf the shelves at the grocery store, and someone is going to have to pick up the trash that you want to get rid of.

You want to force those people to get college degrees, and force onto them these jobs because they aren’t in a position to fight for the better jobs?  If you don’t agree then watch this movie.

*Money makes money – if you don’t have money to start with then you have to pay more.  Rich people pay less for rent, they don’t have to pay interest if they need a loan.  If they have less stress because they have backup money then they get sick less often.  They’re in less of a rush, and are willing to ask for more when there’s the potential to get more.  Raises/jobs/ect – they just have more confidence period.

Sure. Give them a fighting chance. Make, and force them to fight to try to better themselves. They will expect more though, and when they don’t gain what they expect then whose fault is it that they are in pain.  Theirs for not doing better on that test, not going the extra step?  Is it their fault for expecting too much?  I think people are expected to do too much, and that people don’t take into account happiness enough.

“Ok dude, way to be overdramatic, so what would you rather have us do.  We noticed this problem and dumbed down the education system.”  *Aww, you think I’m being a conspiracy theorist for saying that the education system is dumbed down purposefully.  Nah, I known I expect too much from people, and there is a genuine possibility that our leaders are stupid enough to not make the public education system more geared towards learning.

So what am I going to counter with?  What would I suggest?  A system where parents don’t raise children.  Trained teachers teach the children, and they are raised more equally. (Notice how I accept they will likely not get raised exactly the same, but they will have more of a fighting chance.)  Note the difference between having rich parents and poor parents can have a huge influence on your standards of living.  You don’t need a job if you make 100K/year in interest that was earned from someone who died a hundred years ago.

The incoming population can be controlled this way, and wealth doesn’t pool.

**Interested?  Have huge political ideas that you want to yell at me about? Good.

The Conquerors Decide The History

People talk about how the winners are the ones who write down the history, and that history books are biased towards the winning side.  The losers are portrayed as the villians and the winners become the heroes.

The North (U.S.) won the fight against the south who were evily trying to break away.  What terrorists they were.  God’s fight against Satan, what would Satan have written about God if he had won?

The thing about history is bias needs to be appreciated.  The truth helps us study the past so that we don’t repeat the same mistakes, but that is nill compared to how re-written history allows us to be proud of our ancestry.

In theory re-writing the bible to make it more present to the current generations would be a great service.  Religion binds people together, and the great amount of filler in the old testament is no longer applicable.

I just don’t always think that changing the history of the past would be a bad thing.  Much more of a factor when considering fiction books & eutopian/dystopian fantasies.