Why I Take “Free Food” As An Insult

I was at the dinner table with my family.  The dishes kept coming out to the table, and I held back on the amount that I ate because I did not want to eat it all.  That’d be considered rude, and make it so that there was not enough food for anyone else.

After the last dish was finished, everyone got up from the table and it was claimed, by no one in particular, that the perfect amount of food had been made.  I didn’t particularly care, but as you could read by how this story is going that I was still hungry.  I didn’t care because I have little patience for not being served enough food, and I got my keys to go out.

“Where are you going?” My Mother asked.  I told her I was going out to get a pizza.  This made her angry, and since it was a dream we started tossing containers of spices across the room.  They smashed and glass exploded everywhere. While I lived with my parents I had a history of hoarding food in my room.

I went to get my cats and leave.  My visit was over.

Two things to note:

*The same goes for a visit to my grandparents, or a “free meal” given by employers.  If I can’t eat my fill I would rather not be imposed by your food.  I feel that leaving for more food would be an insult to you, and I take it as an insult that you are wasting my time.

*I eat more than twice what the average person does in a sitting, and I eat the same in a sitting regardless of whether I eat a meal once every three days, or three times a day.  When I have been working out all bets are off.

I take my personal bias and do not make a big deal about it when food is offered.  They are trying to be nice, and I accept their efforts.  Not to mention culturally “free food” is highly accepted with gratitude, with me being the exception.  Dreams such as this are a constant reminder to be wary of visiting my parents.


Say Hello To Your Replacement


Due recognition to The Comical Conservative for the picture.

This picture gives inference that asking $15/hr is asking too much for a simple job of taking orders.  That the new machine will do the exact same job as a cashier, and obviously doesn’t take into account the face person value.  Rather than a cashier, there will be a technician there in case there are problems with the machine (obviously less personnel).

I don’t consider the upgrade in technology to be at the fault of the cashiers.  It was definitely something that was provoked, and would not have happened otherwise, but minimum wage jobs should not exist.  This will put pressure on society to create better quality jobs, and move towards less of a poor/rich society.  I do feel bad because the greatest amount of stress will be placed on the less fortunate.

In a cold-hearted way I am jealous of them.  There is power in loss of the chains of structure.  However, I will never tell them that I want to be in their situation, or that they need to find the positive of their situation.  This would be simple ignorance by the fact that they would do exactly the same in blindly trade their lives for mine.  We want what we don’t have, and take for granted what we do.

Say hello to your replacement; what a joke.  Unless you silently kill them all, these people are still going to be around – and will still need jobs.  Can’t wait to watch the crime rate in Seattle spike.

Sleeping on Neuro

When I first saw Neuro’s drink with the title of sleep, I found it to be so amusingly cute that I knew I wanted to try it.


I found that I had let myself slip a good week without dreams before the first time I tried it, and I found that Neuro magically made my sleep feel more relaxed.  I had some pretty enjoyable dreams, and woke up with an extra spark.

I’d recommend trying it out.  Especially if you’re like me and have a messed up sleep cycle.

Woman In Power/Leadership

At my last job they had a contractor pool that had an approximate 80% male to female ratio.  The actual employees were kept at a 50% ratio.  Female leadership was largely promoted as well, with meetings anouncing how they have increased the numbers of females in leadership, and how important that is to them.

I had co-workers who felt that they were getting passed over because they were male, and if you look at the facts above it his difficult to deny that.  A couple felt jelous that I was leaving because they felt as though they were going to be held back because of their gender.

When I got to my new job the receptionist was female, as was everyone in HR, in the office the numbers of females were higher than the males, my supervisor, manager, and the head of QA is also female.

But then you look at middle management.  All of the supervisors on the floor are male with few exceptions.  You could have eight guys in a room with one woman.  Then you look at the leadership and realize that none of them have been on the floor.

None of that matters to me, none of it.  Feeling as though you are going to be overlooked, and allowing that to get to you will stress you out, make you make mistakes, and your fidgeting will make everyone uncomfortable.  Long shifts while under stress will make you appear angry, unaproachable, and that will make you less of a desireous choice.  Job performance makes a difference, the type of person you are makes a difference.

I would have made the same decisions when it came to hiring personnel regardless of gender.  Sure, they may hire differently depending on your gender, but that’s not news to anyone.

Shame On You For Having Kids

So I’m at the age where loads of people start to have kids for the first time (22).  Except that, for a moderate degree, having kids is almost irresponsible.  To be honest these people have careers rather than just jobs, or at least there are positions they can move up to rather than being held in the same one.  They also make good money, and can afford a child or two.

It might just be my generation, but I am surprised people are happy, and content in these positions, and are happy to stay in then for ten, twenty years without feeling the need to pursue more.  I am jealous that they are content, and with that I could be too.  But I’m not, and I see having a child as something that would hold one down, and keep them from feeling empowered.

When it comes to the actual kids themselves, I do believe it isn’t as big of a deal to be a single parent any longer (if that is the case, which being a young parent doesn’t mean it has to be).  They’re not living in poverty, the child will have food and a parent that loves them.  In all honesty they probably enjoy life.

I am; however biased, and try to not see them as having made a mistake, or judge them because of it.

I see the percentage of people who suffer, who have depression, who commit suicide or struggle just to live.  I look at the world and at everything that a child is going to have to face.  The hoops they will have to jump, the struggles they will have.

I know that my bias is one that these children will likely not have to face.  Still, my bias is not something that I can just make disappear, and that’s why I keep it to myself.

Unenchanted by Chanda Hahn – Book Review

I was somewhat surprised how quickly I read through this book.  Normally I get distracted, and only read for half an hour to an hour at a time.  It might make a difference considering that it is the first novel I have read on the kindle I bought last Saturday.  I find reading on a black and white kindle to be much more enjoyable than reading a physical book.

I was a bit confused when the author used the words “Grimm,” since it is so similar to the brother’s Grimm, and also the TV show.  After reading for a while I saw all of the similarities between the different stories, but it is at least a bit perplexing.  Each does have their own twist, and I would add that rather than making it confusing it made the story even more interesting.  It adds the adult charm to the book where I might have stopped reading if it hadn’t considering that the book was written for high schoolers.

Emotions that appear much more rash, and unorthodox to a more mature audience only make the story more enjoyable.  Consider that, knowing you aren’t the target audience permits the story to be read differently, and more enjoyably.  I’d recommend this story without a doubt, and do expect to purchase the following books.  (The first book in the series by this author is free for the kindle on amazon!)  With the following books being 3$ the cost is less than a beer, and the same as a soda for a teenager.  The profit margins on e-books are much higher than physical copies so it’s not as big of a deal for authors.

The Foundation of a Story

When a novel begins, they start out by describing the setting, and create the foundation of what life is like before the change.  (The change being the reason/ the storyline behind why people pick up the book.)  The life of harry potter before he gets the letter in the mail, Bella’s life in Twilight before the vampire.

I’ve found that there is a million different places that a story can be started, but one in particular might be better off when it comes to winning over an audience.  Or is it?  Does a story have to be relate-able as it begins, or do readers have a large enough desire to jump straight into the drama that they have come to read.

I’ve read both types of books, books with a “foundation,” and other books where it is as though the characters didn’t exist until their importance was shown on page #1.

What do you think? Do you have an opinion?